It was my photoshop montage. But that, it was before. 
I made that on a night when I was bored, I put that on the Adam Facebook page, and it’s steal. 
Thanks Tumblr for no copyright. 


Can’t wait to come back to Europe with some very good friends!

All Time Low as teachers:

  • Zack: So kids.. I cleaned the classroom and made a Keek of it. What's the date today? 4/20 blaze it.
  • Alex: Anyone see all the stars that out last night? I don't care if this fucking english class we are going to learn about SPACE.
  • Rian: Your homework for tonight is to buy Cassadee's album, follow her on twitter, and don't forget to buy her album!!!
  • Jack: Today we are going to watch Home Alone again. If you get bored just start having some sex. I'm cool with it. Just don't tell your parents.


Oliver Skyes

“Just because she doesn’t have 100+ likes on her profile picture, doesn’t mean she’s not gorgeous. Every girl is beautiful, it’s society that’s ugly.”

*Oliver Sykes*

So fucking happy to got my Imaginary Number EP. I’ve got the sweat !!

My love <3 .


Here’s a few pics from our trip to St. Barth. Best vacation I’ve ever taken. Love this island!!💗

“"Keep your smile, keep your head up, and stay as you are."
- John O’Callaghan.”
— John O’Callaghan tell me that on Paris. 

Thanks for all guy. Since 5 years I wait to see you in Paris, and my dream came true on 18-11. Thanks so much for this awesome show. Thanks for your beautiful smiles, for your nicely, for all. IF I’M ALIVE TODAY IT’S THANKS TO YOU. Thanks for all The Maine, you have saved my life, and that.. I can’t explain.. there no words for that, or just : 
Thank you, and I love you.

Heros don’t always wear capes. 

"Keep your smile, keep you head up, and stay as you are." Thanks John for you telling me that.